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What is PPC – Pay-Per-Click marketing?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a widely used online marketing strategy in which advertisers compensate each time a user clicks on one of their advertisements.
The most prevalent form of PPC advertising is conducted through search engines, like Google Ads, where advertisers compete for keywords, and their ads are featured prominently at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when these keywords are queried.
Additionally, PPC advertising extends to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and displays advertising on websites.

Why Work With Nailxues Over Other PPC Management Companies?

Powerful Partnership

Nailxues has achieved the distinguished certifications of Google, Meta, and Microsoft as a Premium Partner.

Nationally Recognized

Our ability to provide exceptional services is not just something we say; we’ve been recognized as a top PPC marketing business in the US by being listed at the top of multiple industry lists.

Integrated Strategies

Our plan is sound. To make sure you’re covering all the bases, we can link your PPC campaign with your content marketing, social media, SEO, CRO, and PR initiatives.

Proactive and Innovative

We exceed short- and long-term goals by managing your paid media buying operations with an eye toward overall efficiency and revenue targets.


We exceed both short- and long-term goals by managing your paid media buying operations with an eye toward overall efficiency and revenue targets.

We Pride Our Transparency

Thanks to our meticulous procedures and project management, you will constantly be aware of the state and advancement of your digital marketing campaigns.

Flexibility is key

We’ll never force you to sign a contract that you don’t want to. We monitor our work on a month-to-month basis to make sure we consistently meet and beyond the expectations of our clients.

Various Industries

We collaborate with over 150 clients from various industries, such as home services, auto dealerships, insurance firms, medical offices, and more.

Nailxues PPC Services

Want to build a Product?

Launch your businesses success with Nailxues! Share your challenge with our team, and we’ll work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product.


Step 1. Define Performance Goals and Review Historical Data

At Nailxues, return on investment is the foundation of all we do. We will establish your PPC objectives, examine any previous data you may have, and create a detailed plan that outlines how we can increase your return on investment during our initial evaluation. By analyzing cost per click, revenue, cost per acquisition, and conversion rate, you can be confident that our services will deliver the required value. Additionally, we may link our optimized campaigns to our successful conversions, leading to future campaigns that convert at a better rate.

Step 2. Implement Tracking

Our group is knowledgeable in everything required to manage an effective PPC campaign. To guarantee that we collect correct data, we will set up all necessary back-end data tracking techniques, such as your average CPC, conversion volume, CPA, conversion rate, and ad spend.

Step 3. Create a Tailored Media Plan

Whether you want to advertise on LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, Bing, or Meta, our team will investigate your target market and create a PPC strategy to meet them where they are. From excellent writing to suggesting creative aspects, we will collaborate to match your personalized approach with premium creative that will captivate your target audience!

Step 4. Customized Keyword & Audience Targeting

A waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars can be incurred annually if the incorrect keywords and targeting are used. Working with us will begin with optimizing your PPC accounts, eliminating ineffective keywords, and retargeting your ads. Then, whether we need to improve the account or create a new one from scratch, we’ll apply our tried-and-true technique and process to maximize each bid in your campaign.

Step 5. Develop & Monitor Bidding Strategy

Selecting the appropriate bid is essential. We’ll ensure you never overpay by utilizing cutting-edge software and insights from your business. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment, Ignite Visibility will track, report, and adjust our strategy once we’re up and running every two weeks.

Step 6. Data Analysis, Report Preparation, & Strategy Refinement

Our staff will continuously check your success and examine your tracking information after your ads are live. A monthly report on your media performance, the action plan for the following month, and any new strategies will be sent to you. If revised bid strategies, settings, keyword mapping, or A/B testing are required, we will recommend them. We will also offer suggestions for increasing your PPC success, such as expanding your platform exploration or adding more audiences.

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General Question About PPC Services

A business that specializes in pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing is known as a PPC company. A PPC company is essentially an advertising agency for digital marketing. A brand that uses a PPC advertising model must pay for each click an advertisement obtains. Many more online advertising models are also offered by the majority of PPC providers. Among these would be the cost per view, the cost per impression, and others. An excellent PPC firm will know everything there is to know about sponsored media.

PPC firms provide a range of pricing structures. Some charge a single, fixed price, some charge according on your expenditure, and yet others charge depending on your performance. Each of these models has advantages and disadvantages. Flat fees followed by a percentage of ad spend are the most popular models. For instance, the percentage may be 5% of ad spend and the flat cost could be $3,000 per month.

All PPC bidding is conducted through auctions. The ad network will compare an advertiser's offer against all other advertisers' bids when they submit one. To calculate the total cost per click, the ad network will also consider the landing page's quality, the ad's quality, and other factors.

You shouldn't try to perform pay per click on your own. Strong mathematical and analytical abilities are necessary in this extremely complex profession. The majority of inexperienced advertising make blunders that end up costing them more than working with a company.

Remarketing is an advertising technique in which a user's online activity is monitored by cookies. Advertisements from the brand appear to users in various online locations after they go from that website.

Remarketing is not going out of style, even though we are heading toward a future without cookies. Email list sign-ups, audience interaction, and voluntary audience surveys are additional techniques for gathering data. You can use any of these techniques to help you decide on a remarketing plan.

Remarketing, according to experts, is an effective technique to remind viewers about your good or service and to bring in business from potential clients.

PPC firms are used by most medium-sized to large-sized enterprises. Google's impact on businesses through its advertising strategies has led to the corporation being a multi-billion dollar enterprise. With the addition of Meta, Facebook/Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Stackadapt, Criteo, Mountain, and other social media platforms, PPC is utilized by companies across nearly every sector and industry.

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